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My name is Ben Hagarty.

I’m a Creative Director, Videographer, Photographer, Editor, Musician, Brand Marketing Wizard, & a G. I was born in Iowa & now live in Los Angeles, California. I’ve worked on a bunch of different shit with a bunch of different people, which has been coo. Hopefully this site is fun to explore. I learned how to build it all on my own (with the help of Jake Giebel) which took a shit ton of time but at least it’s personal…

I’ll add some more about me later… Through social media, I have had A LOT of people reach out to me… Creators of all kinds… They have asked me millions of questions (I even did this Reddit AMA to answer about 300 of them) & have wanted to collaborate. I think this is AWESOME. I just can’t keep track of everyones Instagram DM’s or snapchat messages, etc. etc… So I wanted to create the ‘CALLING ALL CREATORS’ page on this site to try and form a squad. If you create… Anything… like ANYTHING. I want you to fill this out. If you make videos like me, or started a small business selling lip gloss, fuck it – we are all being creative and trying to make a living off of it. Lets work together and test new ideas out, show off our work and ask for opinions. Fill out that form so I can know more about you and it will promt you to join my private Facebook group. This will be our space to converse and work together on shit.


I’ll only send important shit to you - I promise

Conversations with Ben.

If you’re interested, I met up with my friends Matt and Chrxx over at the Genius Frequencies podcast. I shared a bit about my life story and experiences with Q on the Blank Face Tour. I also had an interview with my friend Scotty at Perspective Collective. He took that conversation and turned it into a lesson on his podcast with the focus of turning what you love into a job… I loved it.

Listen below!

Fun Facts bout me.

idk I thought this was a good idea lol.

How old is Ben?

Ben is...

28 years young.

Where does Ben live?

Ben lives in...

West Hollywood, California.

Where is Ben from?

Ben is from...

Cedar Falls, Iowa. It’s a fantastic place on earth.

Best Quote Ben Has Ever Heard

The Best Quote Ben Has Ever Heard is...

From my Dad, “Don’t sell yourself short”.

What camera you shooting with Ben?

I'm shooting with...

The Sony A7sii & a Canon 5D mkiii.

What do you edit on Ben?

I edit with...

Adobe Premiere Pro / After Effects / Lightroom

Me with Big Ben.

Shooting ScHoolboy Q on the Blank Face Tour.

Me on stage in Australia.

I got to see the Berlin Wall for the first time. That’s our double decker tour bus in Europe.

Q & I

Setting up a shot with Chris Brown using the DJI Osmo (before the Osmo came out). Thanks DJI. Song: Picture Me Rollin

I love drones.

My first time in Switzerland, I love this place.

When you’re on the road, sometimes this is what your edit bay looks like.

Filming Cal Scruby & Chris Brown on the set of: Ain’t Shit Change (I had fun editing this video)

Filmin with comedian Rudy Mancuso 

Directing for EA Sports with Lil Dicky & Rob Gronkowski

I have always loved making stuff.